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November 6, 2009
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Twilight Sun by Ebethalan Twilight Sun by Ebethalan
First let me say, the top picture, the gorgeous digital drawing, is NOT my work, but was one of the examples I was given for this custom. Moonbreeze is the artist responsible for that picture, and this design. This is a pony I did for a personal trade with her, for one of her lovely pieces of artwork. Originally a third generation Hasbro My Little Pony, she was taken apart and all factory paint and hair removed. Her wings are hand sculpted and painted. Her design and eyes are hand painted. She was rehaired with a blend of yellow, oranges, red, and purple. Moonbreeze, I hope you think I did your beautiful designed Twilight Sun justice. :) She was a lot of fun to put together.
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SilverMoonbreeze Nov 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
d 'oh I keep on looking back at the pictures!
she's still teh awesomeness!
aw, thanks! She'll be shipping out to you on Thursday or Friday. :)
You are a pony ninja how in the heck do you get some rerooted so fast? Maybe my ADD acts up or maybe it's because it's my first time doing it but I've been working on rerooting mine for a week off and on and I'm only just halfway there. Beautiful ponies as always, you're an inspiration to us all. Keep it up!
:) What method are you using? My first pony took me three days of almost constant work for the mane. SHEESH! Now I have the actual rehairing down to about an hour and a half. Tying the knots... maybe an hour? I use the wire and knot method. I get memory wire, a piece maybe... 8 or 10 inches long. I bend it in half, get a very closed bend with pliers.
My hair, I knot it, make it twice as long as I want it, then tie a knot in the middle...
I use a thumb tack to make the plugs a bit bigger, then stick the bended end of the wire into the plug from the outside of the ponies body. I push the knot through the loop the wire creates, and then pull through! It works like a charm, and now that I've done quite a few, I"m getting faster and faster with it. I sit infront of the t.v. with my husband and I tie knots or rehair while we are watching t.v. :)
Just keep with it!! Definitely. It gets easier and easier as you go. :)
And boy, this was a lot more long winded than I meant it to be. Haha.
Hmm it sounds similar I use the knot and wire method too perhaps it's my wire. I'm using 28 gauge metal jewelry wire. Cut a piece 8 to 10 like you flod it in half I use a needle from a rehairing tool to enlarge the hole and push the wire through. I think my hang up is the wire it bends inside the head so i have to wiggle it around and then grip it with pliers to get it out. It's this method to a "T" [link]

Thanks for writing back! It doesn't sound like I'm a complete idiot just practice practice practice.
I'm not sure what the guage is on my wire. It's "memory wire", also in the jewelry section at the craft store, seems to bend less easily than the other wire I have for making wings.
Oh, here's tip that I learned on pony number 5!!!
When I started, with the first few, I would just put the knot through the loop and then pull. It would always get stuck, like... the hair wouldn't come all the way through without a lot of tugging.
So I figured out, (I'm going to explain this the best way I can), that if I put the knot through the loop, but them pull the hair through the loop about halfway down it's length, that when I pull the wire up through the plug, the end of the hair doesn't get stuck, it just comes right through. (Did that make sense?)
Anyway, yeah, you'll get faster and faster and faster with it. :) Sitting infront of the t.v. while you work makes it go faster too, LOL. :)
Yeah that makes total since that's kinda of what I was doing. for some reason the blonde hair on my pony was hating me tonight I made the plugs too big so I'd have to pull it out and halve it T_T. Thanks for the words of encouragement I'm off to finish up the mane right now come hell or high water...or an aneurysm LOL
MoogleyMog Nov 6, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This is stunning, you did such a gorgeous job on her! ^_^
Please stop making such beautiful ponies it's getting harder to tear myself away from the screen. Those wings are so detailed!
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